Rule 9: Playing Rules

  1. Game Length may be modified prior to the beginning of the season if the PSG Board determines it is necessary to manage the game schedule.                                     

  2. 3RD Grade - Four 6-minute quarters  

  3. 4TH Grade - Four 6-minute quarters                                 

  4. 5TH Grade - Four 6-minute quarters      

  5. Half Time – 5 minutes

  6. Overtime – 3 minutes, only one (1) will be allowed.

  7. Timeouts - three 1 minute, two 30 second, one 1 minute per overtime. Timeouts do accumulate and can be carried over between haves and into overtime.

  8. Fouls – players foul out on the 5th personal foul. 1&1 will be shot after the 6th team foul; two free throws will be shot after the 9th team foul.

  9. Mercy Rule – Once a team is ahead by 20 points, the clock will run continuously except during timeouts and injuries. If the point differential is reduced below 15, the clock will return to normal stoppages.

  10. Press – No full court press allowed after 20-point lead. One warning, then a technical on the Coach will be assessed.

  11.  Ball Size – boys & girls will use 28.5 10.

  12.  A Clock Keeper and Score Keeper will be provided to each site by PSG.


Rule 11: Admission Charges

 The ESBL and other venues are authorized by the PSG to charge an admission fee.

Rule 12: Required Conduct for Coaches

1. Coaches are responsible for displaying professionalism at all times.

2. If a coach or player receives either 2 technical fouls, a flagrant foul or is ejected from a game, they will be suspended for at least one game thereafter.

3. If a coach or player is involved in a fight at any time, a minimum punishment of a 2-game suspension or greater which will be based on PSG Board review and vote.