Rule 3: Grade Divisions

1. Divisions will be based upon grade level during the academic school year.

2. Diivisions include 3rd , 4th and 5th Grade.

3. Players cannot play in a lower grade level but may play up grade one level.  Feeder middle schools will be allowed to place up to two teams in a grade level.

4. No player will be allowed to play on two teams at any time during the season.


Rule 4: Boundaries

1. Teams will be comprised only of players from their local school cluster. 

2. In the case of private schools; if the private school is a PSG Member, the player must play for the private school regardless of which local school cluster the player resides in.

 3. In the case of home schooled players; if a Member chooses to allow home schooled players, the player must play for the local school cluster they reside in as defined by Henry & Clayton County Public Schools.