Rule 1: Certification and Rules.

 1. Each member of the coaching staff must be certified with the “National Federation of State High School Association.

 2. Each member of the coaching staff and ESBL representative must have a thorough understanding of the ESBL Rules, the PSG Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by all provisions of these Rules and Code of Conduct, and be willing to accept any penalties which may be imposed because of violations(s) of the Rules and Code of Conduct.

 3. The Rules  are subject to change.  Each ESBL Member or Contact Person is responsible for advising his/her association, coaches, players and membership of any Rule changes.


Rule 2: Membership Requirements

1. All participating teams must be certified by PSG, meeting all certification requirements for that season.

3. Every coach must have a background check, at least one year of youth basketball experience and CPR certified.